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These are pictures i've made during the Bridges to Babylon concert in Amsterdam. The second of June 1998.

If you would like to read more about the concerts I've been experiences..... Please take a look HERE: Onfortunately for all the people who can't read whole resume is in Dutch. But I hope to overwrite it in English soon.....But that will take a while....I find it difficult to tell you about it in English....There are a lot words I don't know in it's difficult to explain to you how GREAT it was......although all of you who have ever been to a concert of THE ROLLING STONES must know how FANTASTIC they are.....

The 5th of September, I went to see the Stones again. But this time in The Hague! Absolutely briliant!!!!! This time I had a field ticket....So my legs were hurting like h*** but it was worth it!!!! I came really close to the small stage in the middle of the crowd...Absolutely fantastic to see the Stones perform from such a small distance!!!! Onfortunately it kept raining the whole evening but after a while..I got used to the rain....And it couldn't bother me again.....No way the rain spoiled my evening with the Stones.....!!!!!!!!

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